About DaNece

I have been teaching violin since 2008 to students of all ages and levels. I love teaching, and especially helping my students in finding their own unique style of playing. 

I specialize in classical violin, having grown up in the Suzuki method, and then going on to receive my bachelor's and master's degrees in violin performance. I also grew up playing fiddle music every week in a group setting, where I learned lots of fun tunes which I still enjoy playing along with my classical repertoire.

In my experience as a professional musician, I've had the opportunity to play a variety of genres including Broadway and film music. This includes playing in the live orchestra for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in concert, and pit orchestras for Little Women, Sweeney Todd, Wizard of Oz, Pajama Game, and Peter Pan.

Within the classical realm, I've played in many chamber groups and small ensemble settings. Highlights include playing on period instruments in a baroque chamber ensemble at Brigham Young University, performing in Italy and Slovenia as part of the International Music Festival of the Adriatic, and playing as a member of the Boise Philharmonic Graduate String Quartet. 

I'm an active performer at weddings where I perform a wide variety of genres on acoustic violin. I have also coached chamber ensembles with the North Carolina Chamber Music Institute and have played in orchestras including the Orchestra at Temple Square, Ballet West, and Fayetteville Symphony. I'm passionate about making music accessible to anyone wherever they are in the world through online teaching. Music is a joy which I'm glad to call my career, both as a performer and teacher. 

Apart from music, I enjoy baking, yoga, ballet, and learning languages. I am fluent in Italian. 

My teaching philosophy:

I believe that anyone with a desire to learn the violin can achieve what they envision. I align this philosophy with the motto by violin pedagogue Shinichi Suzuki, "Every child can." I would expand that to say in playing music, we must all be children at heart, willing to learn. A child learns their mother language by ear. So, as a teacher of the Suzuki method, I start my beginning students learning by ear as well. In this way, proper physical technique of playing the instrument, being well aware of the sound instead of notes on a page, is the focus and foundation. Note reading is introduced once the technical foundation is solidified. 

I work with my intermediate and advanced students to prepare them for auditions and competitions, Their musical repertoire is expanded through later Suzuki books and other pieces that help to improve their technique and personal expression. I maintain an atmosphere of encouragement with students at every level. When approaching a problem, I focus on one concept at a time with the student, helping them discover step by step how to improve both in lessons and during individual practice. Knowing how to isolate problems through careful practice and observation is the key to improvement. 

Parental involvement is of the upmost importance in a child's musical development, and I make it my first priority to include the parents in every part of the learning process which includes attendance at lessons and involvement in their practice at home. In this way each student can reach their full potential through a positive learning environment nurtured by both the parent and teacher. I'm honored to be a part of each and every one of my student's unique musical journeys!